Wednesday, September 3, 2008

When One Door Closes...

Sometimes we have a tendency to take a passive approach to our lives. We speak of "open doors" and "closed doors" as if the winds of fate were dictating our direction. We sit back and take the path of least resistance, and then we justify it by saying it was the way things were meant to be.


It is one thing to recognize a closed door. It is another to walk away without even trying the handle.


Carl said...

So here are my two cents... perhaps it is not about the door at all, but the unknown beyond. I find that the door frequently is easy to open as you suggested, just try the handle, but more times than not it is the black abyss beyond that drives people away. Sometimes, you just need one person to take your hand and say WE will make it. I believe I have found that person, and I believe that you have proven that case.

Anonymous said...

Nice shot. Great bold colors and excellent detail. I like how you've framed it, and love the sense of decay it has.

Harold said...

Doors come in all shapes and sizes. An interesting story and example as it relates to major challenges in our lives is discussed in the new book, "When One Door Closes" by Susie and Bill Graham. For more information check out

Velvet said...

Hi...I just found your blog today (I can't even remember how...Flickr, maybe?). Anyway, this is a cool shot. Encouraging of contemplation, for sure. Great blog you've got here! Looking forward to checking out more of your stuff.

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