Friday, April 24, 2009

Jenn and Rich: Engagement Shoot

Last weekend Ashley and I had an engagement session with our August bride and groom, Jenn and Rich. The weather had been crummy all weekend, but then on Sunday the sun broke through and made for a beautiful day. We decided to hit up a few places that we had scoped out. The first stop was this old textile mill down the street from Jenn and Rich's place. It looked like a backlot straight out of 24.

There were so many colorful accents mixed in with the decaying old brick and concrete.

You can tell these two are so in love!

Ashley pointed out this floating green door and we knew we had to get them here. I love the mid-afternoon shadows here.

Again with the random pops of color!

I love Ashley's take on this one:

I love this one. Probably one of my favorites of the day:

When we were done at the mill, we headed up to a park that Rich and Jenn new about to finish out the day.

Ashley set this up and snagged this shot. It blows me away. Definitely a favorite:

I'm loving these lovebirds :)

We had a blast with these two, and we can't wait to shoot their wedding in August. Thanks Jenn and Rich for an awesome day!

Be sure to check out Ashley's blog to see more of awesome her shots from the day!


carla ten eyck said...

way to bring on the sauce gram!!!!!

great job and the location is spot on

Rnormfoto said...

that mill is so groovy!!! Is Hartford the land of abandoned buildings? wow!!!

Erik Maziarz said...

wow great shoot Graham. awesome urban feel!

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