Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cory and Vickie: Engagement Shoot

Last week Ashley and I rode down to New Haven with Carla to photograph Cory and Vickie for their Engagement Session. These two were a blast, and we had such a great time getting to know them and their little pup Ollie. The light was beautiful at Lighthouse Point Park, and it just kept getting better as the day went on.

Ollie loves these two almost as much as the love each other.

He loves them so much that he chewed all the way through his leash just so he could be near them!

One thing that I love about shooting with Carla is that she sees the beauty in everything... including weeds and trailers...

It challenges me to see the world that way. This is one of my favorites:

After rocking the dandelions, we all headed down to the beach. The sun was perfectly positioned to snag some silhouettes.

Something about these old blue windows on white wood siding was calling to me.

Carla was setting up a shot and I saw this from where I was standing. I love the lighthouse and the bird, and of course the cute couple.

Like I said, the light just kept getting better.

and better

This was my last frame of the day... and quite possibly my favorite.

It was such a joy to get to meet these two and spend the day with them and little Mr. Ollie. Be sure to check out Carla's shots here and Ashley's shots here!


Katie Slater Photography said...

Great job Graham! I love your silhouettes!! Beautiful!!!

Erik Maziarz said...

gorgeous stuff Graham. love the flare in the last trailer shot.

Three Scobeys said...

Amazing! I love the one with the bench...and that last one, too. Great work.

carla ten eyck said...

It was so much fun having you and Ashley along for the shoot- you got some amazing shots out of it! Love the bench shot

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