Thursday, May 15, 2008

Our Magnificent Imperfections

We are flawed people. It is a fact of life. No matter how much we strive for perfection, we cannot attain it. We will never escape our imperfections.

They are often the aspects of ourselves we try to hide - the knots, the cracks, the scars.

Knots and Bark

We can spend so much time and money trying to cover up our imperfections that we begin to convince even ourselves that they do not exist. And then what? I think we begin to forget who we are.

In some ways, our flaws help define us. They distinguish us as individuals. Our quirks, our habits, and the inner battles that each of us fight every day give us unique perspectives on the world around us. They help us relate to one another and learn from each other. If we can begin to embrace our imperfections instead of attempting to cover them up, think how much happier our lives will be.

Our flaws are beautiful.


Three Scobeys said...

Your blog is always a wonderful way to start my day. A dose of "A Humble Perspective" always helps me see the world a little more clearly. I love you.

The Story of Josh and Lauren said...

What a good reminder for me! Thanks little bro!

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