Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What They Say about Absence...

Sometimes we appreciate things more when we have them less. In southern California, we are lucky to see any change from season to season at all. About a month or so ago, however, we had a week of rain. Before the rainstorm the temperature was chilly (by LA standards), and when the rain finally stopped you could sense the transition into spring.

When the sun came up the next day, the mountains around Calabasas were so bright with colors that it looked like someone had lit them on fire. The once barren, brown earth was now engulfed with brilliant yellows and deep greens, and the usually smoggy sky was as clear as glass.

Calabasas Mountain

Not only did the weather and the scenery change, but the people did, too. Parks were crowded with hikers enjoying the views, commuters drove more casually, children played outside in the fields of green grass, and it seemed like everyone's shoulders lowered about a half inch from their ears.

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