Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Twists and Turns

Straight lines can be interesting, but my eye is always attracted to the curves. I am much more drawn to ever changing twists and turns. Even when a straight line or a right angle would be more efficient or more practical, still I favor the wavy lines and the rounded corners. I prefer taking the winding canyon roads as apposed to the straight highway. I prefer the rolling hills to the flat plains.

Getty Curves

In the same way, I prefer a life full of twists and turns. Sure, the formulaic highway of life may be mapped out and well marked, but I believe the bends and curves of the less traveled paths make life more interesting and exciting.


Jim (365,000 words) said...

Nice composition to emphasize the curves of the building. And the clear blue sky adds a nice punch of colour.

Anonymous said...

I know you take all these pictures, but are all the colors natural? For example, is that sky really that perfect blue or is that color a little photoshop enhanced? Or is Southern California really that gorgeous?

Graham said...

Jim - Thanks!

Brian - I do retouch my photos, but believe it or not I didn't do much to this one. We happened to catch The Getty on a beautifully clear day. The smog of Los Angeles does not usually allow for such clear skies.

Sekhar said...

Nice shot.The sky and the turns look really good :)

The Reiboldts said...

I love getting to see the incredible pictures on your blog. You are so talented. I tagged you on my blog and maybe you can do it using pictures!

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